I send you one

Project designed by Paul Thomas. Computer disc postal exchange with the artist group MEDIA-SPACE of Perth using Macintosh software working in collaboration with digitised images by artists located in Australia. Paul Thomas took 8 photographs and digitised via Koala MacVision which was a $400 combination hardware/software interface to digitise still frames from a video camera or VCR. The MacVision box plugged into either the Printer or Modem port. Data streamed in somewhat slowly: small frames took about six seconds to appear, whereas a full-screen image took 22 seconds. Obviously, one needed either a still subject or a device with good freeze-frame capabilities, such as a VideoDisc player.  The scanned images were placed on a 1.4 meg disc and sent to artists in Pittsburgh, Boston, Vienna, and Gwent to digitally reimage. The results were published in the Australian art magazine PRAXIS M., Perth, Australia, March, 1988.

I Send You One

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