Promotion and Tenure Guidelines Addendum: Rationale for Redefined Criteria

New Media Department, University of Maine

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines Addendum: Rationale for Redefined Criteria

New Criteria for New Media 

Version 2.2, January 2007 

Authors: Joline Blais, Jon Ippolito, and Owen Smith in collaboration with Steve Evans and Nate Stormer.  


ABSTRACT: An argument for redefining promotion and tenure criteria for faculty in new media departments of

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today’s universities. 



Recognition and achievement in the field of new media must be measured by standards as high as but different from those in established artistic or scientific disciplines. As the reports from the American Council of Learned Societies[1], the Modern Language Association[2], and the

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University of Maine[3] recommend, promotion and tenure guidelines must be revised to encourage the creative and innovative use of technology

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if universities are to remain competitive in the 21st century.

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