Ross Rudesch Harley: Open Learning Networks in Media Arts Education

The explosive growth of knowledge in the 21st century has  placed a unique set of pressures on many institutions, and in particular, on those that generate, analyse, sort and disseminate information.  While the public looks to universities as places where  world’s-best practice in knowledge management is employed, these same universities are in danger of being overwhelmed – not only by the increase in knowledge, but by the just-as-rapid multiplication in techniques for capturing, exploring, and distributing this knowledge. I want to suggest that closed “Virtual Learning Environments” are not the best solution for digital-media arts education. Instead, I argue that external “user-centric web services” should be allowed to flow into the university web systems. In this way students and teachers increase their participation in the broader production (and critique) of knowledge in the media arts and other disciplines

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2 Responses to “Ross Rudesch Harley: Open Learning Networks in Media Arts Education”

  1. chris Says:

    Closed virtual learning environments do have their place in disciplines such as mine i;e that of nursing, where we have a constraint set by the requirements of the professional bodies to produce a defined “product ” , eg someone who has satified the NMC criteria to qualify , However even within this we can promote a more student user centric use of web 2.0 services as an aid to exploring the context and meanings of areas which whilst still originally be defined by the NMC have elements of exploration . Nursing although working within the set criteria has an element of understanding and care delivery that ihas elements of art , and it is these areas that respond well to the far more open exploratory methods , which are developed outside of a closed VLE , However even within a closed VLE system, the use of virtual learning communities can promote the use of the user centric systems ,and enhance the participation and production of knowledge of the closed vle .

  2. pault Says:

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