Proceedings of Computers in Art and Design Education (CADE) Conference


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List of CADE authors and papers



Towards other epistemologies of interface culture: the pertinence of emptiness-presence, and void for contemporary technology


Dr. Shannon Bell

'Dynamic Stillness': Imaging Stillness @ The Dead Sea. A Bringing Together of Performance and Heideggerian Philosophy


Margaret A. Boden



Christin Bolewski

Video painting: A hybrid between the still and moving image


Anthony Brooks and Eva Petersson

Stillness design attributes in non-formal rehabilitation


Dirk de Bruyn

The Body Keeps the Score


Peter R. Diprose, Robert D. Hotten and Kelly J. O'Meara

Posturbanism and Paradise: Real gardens, vicarious landscapes or virtual arenas for stillness and spectacle


Catherine Fargher and Terumi Narushima

Stillness and Presence in the Performance and Sound Design of BioHome: The Chromosome Knitting Project


Ranulph Glanville

The Edge of Stillness


Marc Godts, Nel Janssens and Carl Bourgeois

A practice-based research project on Science, Technology, Art and Design [SILENT WHITE AS HELL: INTUITIVE AND EMOTIVE TOOLS with SILENT EMPATHIC FEEDBACK]


Sue Gollifer

-Out of GAMUT


Lelia Green

Evaluating quality practice-led research: still a moving target?


Dr Dew Harrison and Dr Barbara Rauch

Digital Daydreaming as Stillness: a 'disappearance' from the everyday into the art


Falk Heinrich

The Aesthetics of interactive artefacts - thoughts on performative beauty


Cat Hope

Silence As Stillness? Sonic Experiences in Art using Infrasonics


Jo Law and Aldegonda Bruekers

Artists and designers as collectors: the aesthetics of digital journaling


Mr. Mark McGuire

World Wide Soundscapes: Listening to the Local


Frieder Nake, Matthias Krauß and Susanne Grabowski

The Sound of Silence in Spaces of Many Dimensions


Luigi Pagliarini

The Polymorphic Intelligence


Mark Palmer

Dispelling the Ghosts of the Past: Stillness as a Gate to the New


Eva Petersson and Anthony Brooks


ArtAbilitation®: An Interactive Installation for the Study of Action and Stillness Cycles in Responsive Environments


Sita Popat & Scott Palmer

"A Full Innocence": The Paradox of Stillness in Movement


Dominic Redfern

Still Here - the moving image in the static gallery


Michaela Reiser

Concepts of Stillness


Margaret Seymour

Dis/appear: a video installation exploring stillness and the thickness of time


Robert W. Sweeny

Stillness between the Nodes of the Networked Classroom


Gaye Swinn

In The Eye of the Storm: An unexpected calm may be discovered in the crafting of virtual worlds


Paul Thomas

Materiality and Immateriality


Tim Thomas

Stillness: Articulating Space Within The Still Image: Positioning Photography Now That It Is "Dead"


Martin W. Trevor

Perceived usability: How Computer Interaction Design is Informing Product Design



Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth

CADE: Computers in Art and Design Education Conference

12-14 September 2007. Conference Proceedings

ISBN 1 74067 530 4