P A I N T I N G ?


Alex Spremberg


I am not a painter of pictures.

Pictures only relate to the surface.

The surface is only one part of painting.

For me paintings are three dimensional objects that are

effective through their presence.

Our world is full of pictures - from morning to night time

we get exposed to pictures; images from advertising, film,

TV, magazines etc. These images function as disembodied

fast food for the mind.

The world of pictures and the world of painting were

identical once, but after the turn of the century with the

popularisation of photography, painting experienced a new

freedom, it discovered itself.

Painting is different from all image-driven art.

It lives through its materials, processes and attitudes.

It relies on the original and has to be experienced personally.

A reproduction is again just an image and provides only a

second-hand experience.

paintings are physical objects.

I investigate the means and methods of painting in that I look

at its parts and functions closely. by altering their relation-

ship I distinguish them and subvert their traditional functions.

Painting for looking

Painting for seeing

Painting for thinking.



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