Theo Koning

I began my artistic practice in 1974 as a sculptor working with found object assemblage and social comment. From 1983, I have included painting to deal with social identity, personal identity and mythology. In 1986/87 I took on Australia as a sense of place, and from 1988 I started to empty the picture plane to find the essence of the idea yet still working within the narrative. I have used symbols as part of this language since 1990.

I now wish to undertake a research project, which will expand on ideas I have been working on since 1996/97.

I will concentrate this research into the area of the "I/I am", the "House/Home" and "Identity/loss of Identity"; The "I/I am" within the "House/Home", the "I/I am" in relationship to the outside, and how the outside impinges on the inside from local to global.


In examining the changing nature of the "I/I am" historically, I will research the philosophies relating to the "I/I am" from Humanism to Postmodernism.


From this research I will articulate what the "I/I am" means for me through painting, drawing and sculpture.


Recent works