Closing date for new works: 12 December 2003

The Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, is dedicated to the development, production and promotion of experimental electronic arts research.
BEAP is now also a mechanism to facilitate the creation and production of electronic art works.
The Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth intends to become Australia’s peak organization promoting and showcasing contemporary experimental art practice of an International calibre. BEAP is committed to fostering work leading tocritical debate within these fields and will develop robust advocacy strategies.
BEAP 2004 will investigate notions of ‘Difference’, which focuses upon:
1. Sonic-Differences; Re-sounding the World. Exploring sound art
2. Bio-Differences; Born and Bred. Exploring Bioloical art
3. Data-Differences; The dissolution of locale. Exploring net art
4. Perceptual-Differences; Vision systems. Exploring interactive images
5. Distributed-Differences; Cultures of conflict. Exploring networked art
The theme ‘Difference’ and ‘Denial of Difference’ will explore the humanness of being human

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as it confronts globalisation. The technological transformation, transcendence and transmutation of what we have based our knowledge upon are still stretching the boundaries of our consciousness.
Call for works
BEAP is looking for exciting and adventurous projects that primarily exploit the possibilities of Western Australian artists working with emerging technologies in the area of Time based Media, Broadband, and Screen based work.
The work
BEAP 2004 seeks to fund research and development in the broad context of screen based, gaming technologies and broadband which address the five main themes of BEAP2004. Grants of up to $10.000.00 will be available for new projects meeting these criteria. The committee will support and encourage original research and development projects that address these topics with anticipated exhibition outcomes in BEAP 2004.

Proposals An online written proposal should include the following information:

    1. Title of work

    2. Project description no longer than 500 words (including its rationale)

    3. Technical details:

    3a) A brief description of your project and its implementation;

    3b) A time schedule: description of the work that has to be done.

    3c) Equipment list, including production materials and supplies needed;

    4. Budget details(see online budget form. Please ensure quotes are accurate, maximum request $10,000 per project.)

    5. Concise CVs (no more than two A4 pages each) of all key personnel/collaborators with contact details.

    6. Your ABN number and GST registration. Applicants must provide an ABN in order to be eligible for support, OR evidence that the Australian Taxation Office has determined them ineligible for an ABN. Applicants must ensure that the name on the application form (for payment purposes) is the same as the name the ABN is issued in.

support material - please submit in the following formats 
Place all documentation into a folder then compress in to as zip or sit file.
This file can then be uploaded using the upload button from at the bottom of  the online submission page

Text: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf

Images: .jpg, .tif, Mov

Compressed files: .zip, .sit (for Mac and PC)
The support material should include


 Concise CV

 Documentation of relevant  work 

Applications will only be accepted from artists residing in Western Australia following the ArtsWA guidelines.

Individual or group projects must not exceed requests for $10,000. 

Any questions or further information, email:

Applications will be assessed by the BEAP curatorial committee and members of Media-Space Perth Inc. The decision of the committee is final. ArtsWA will administer the grants.

Proposals will be assessed on
    The proposals potential or significance in relation to the ‘SameDifference’ themes; The proposal’s relevance to the BEAP interest in the collaboration of Art and Science; through Time based Media, Broadband, and Screen based work. The benefit to the artists, the community, the audience/participants in developing critical debate; The project's contribution to advancing research in the area of Electronic art. Financial responsibility and management competence; Clearly defined objectives and outcomes; All participants have confirmed their active involvement; Accuracy of costings.
Applicants will be contacted with results by 9 January 2004.

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