BEAP 2004 ilectures Perceptual Difference Conference

Bankwest Theatre, John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology

Christopher Malcolm
Welcome address
Curator and Convenor, Perceptual Difference Conference and Exhibition, John Curtin Gallery
Paul Sermon (UK)
Keynote Address
Puppeteers, Performers or Avatars: A perceptual difference in telematic space
Linda Erceg (Aus)
Digital Bodies; It’s all in the Mind
Ernest Edmonds and Lizzie Muller (Aus)
Studies of audiovisual interfaces in digital art
Ted Krueger (USA)
Perceptual Prosthetics: Steps Towards an Expanded Awareness
Mike Leggett (Aus)
Proximity Interaction and the HCI
Sarah-Mace Dennis (Aus)
Madness and its Ghostly Echo: images and traces of the dead
Christopher Curtin (USA)
Seeing Double: The current artistic

research of Christopher Curtin

Mark Palmer (UK)
Making sense at the edge of chaos

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