Roger Alsop and Marsha Berry: Sound Design Skills: Exploring a Blended Learning Environment for Developing Practical and Conceptual Skills

The performance arts are an area where many media based and human based art practices collaborate and collide to form cohesive works. When developing skills in students, practical knowledge bases are required in order to develop and express concepts. Studio models are often seen as the most efficient and practical teaching methods, but the efficiency of this process is being questioned as student diversity is being acknowledged. Computers and networked technologies are normal tools of performance arts, and, while current students enter university with high levels of computer literacy, they need to learn how to apply these tools within complex cultural contexts and productions.

This paper will discuss the on line course ‘Sound Design Skills’ as a system through which technological skills

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and advanced conceptual skills are introduced to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. ‘Sound Design Skills’ will be considered as a case study that explores order viagra online media as a tool for developing practical, technological and conceptual

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skills in a blended learning environment that explores concepts of sticky knowledge within a networked media based studio model.

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