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The primary goal of this presentation is to introduce the Leonardo Education Forum’s (LEF) aims, international activities and the contributors with a view to involve experts as well as the public to engage in a discussion in anticipation of future interaction.

LEF is an active community of over 100 members, growing annually. We have close to thirty international representatives in so many countries.

Our LEF representative in Australia is Paul Thomas and in New Zealand Ian Clothier.



The Leonardo Education Forum promotes the advancement of artistic research and academic scholarship at the intersections of art, science, and technology. LEF provides a forum for collaboration and exchange with other scholarly communities. A board consisting of co-chairs, who serve on a staggered, three-year, rotating term, governs it.  There is also a set of graduate and emerging professional (GEP) chairs, who serve similarly.

What We Do

LEF actively participates in research conferences, including the annual meetings of the College Art Association (CAA), ISEA and ARS Electronica.  Our members organize panel discussions, convene mentoring workshops, curate exhibitions, and organize other events that promote scholarship and education at the intersections of art and science.

The Leonardo Education Forum is open to all individuals who are members of Leonardo/ISAST. When you subscribe to Leonardo or Leonardo Music Journal, you also become an associate member of Leonardo/ISAST.

LEF Chairs

2008-2009 Victoria Vesna / Nina Czegledy/

2010-2011 Ellen Levy/Patricia Olynyk, Joseph Lewis

GEP Chairs

Andres Burbano, Mariah Klaneski,

International Representatives:

Mariella Yeregui, (ARGENTINA)

Paul Thomas (AUSTRALIA)

Dirk De Wit (BELGIUM)

Diana Domingues (BRAZIL)

Boryana Dragoeva (BULGARIA)

Sara Diamond, Lynn Hughes (CANADA)

Claudio Rivera Seguel(CHILE)

Felipe C. Londono, (COLOMBIA)

Ana Peraica (CROATIA)

Milos Vojtechovsky (CZECH)

Daniela Reimann (GERMANY)

Dimitris Charitos (GREECE)

Szabolcs KissPal (HUNGARY)

Pierre Luigi Capucci (ITALY)

Rasa Smith (LATVIA)

Ian Clothieri (NEWZEALAND)

Omar Lavalle (PERU)

Ricardo Dal Ferra (PERU/CANADA)

Joanna Hoffman (POLAND)

Alexandru Patatics (ROMANIA)

Dusan Barok (SLOVAKIA)

Christo Doherty (SOUTH AFRICA)

Monica Bello Bugallo (SPAIN)

Elif Ayiter (TURKEY)


International LEF initiatives:

By several accounts a major paradigm shift is needed in art & science & technology education. To facilitate change, between 2007-2010 we have developed 17 international LEF expert workshops and round table discussions on four continents at international summits and conferences. Up till now, we have completed an educational strategic summary and are currently working on an international policy paper.

Policy Paper


Towards developing a policy paper, we have linked 3 symposia: ISEA2009, ARS2009 and Re:live2009.

Working groups at each of these conferences focus on the following burning educational issues:

1.      The Role of Research in media art & science & technology

2.      The role of Curricula: Mapping the terrain

3.      The role of Institutions: Institutional / Organizational Capacities and Benchmarks

Strategic committee members to be nominated from each group to complete the final document. We invite you to participate and to contribute to the policy paper.


History of international LEF events:

*August 2010LEF@ISEA2010 Ruhr, Germany

*September 2010LEF@ ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria

November 2009  re: live2009, Melbourne Australia


Recent  2009

SeptemberLEF@ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria

AugustLEF@ISEA2009, Belfast, Ireland

JulyLEF@Arts&Society, Venice Biennale 2009, Venice, Italy

JuneLEF @ Ada Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand

AprilLEF@8th Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales, Colombia

FebruaryLEF@SCANZ2009, New Plymouth, New Zealand


SeptemberLEF@ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria

July LEF@ISEA2008, Singapore

April LEF@7th Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales, Colombia

March LEF@FILE POA08 Porto Alegre, Brazil


NovemberLEF@re: place07, Berlin, Germany

NovemberLEF@Mutamorphosis, Prague, Czech Republic

AugustLEF@Arts and Society, Dokumenta07, Kassel, Germany

February LEF@ Arts and Society, New York, USA

We are looking forward to expand our activities in this region and beyond in the hope of closer collaboration with regional/local educational experts.

We welcome your interest in participation of future LEF events, and the development of introductory LEF events at conferences, summits in your region or contribution to our policy papers.