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Art and Telecommunications: 10 Years on

Monday, March 18th, 1991

Gidney, E. (1991). “Art and Telecommunications: 10 Years on.” Leonardo 24(2): 147-152.
The author argues that telecommunications constitutes a new, postindustrial international dimension and that the nature of artists’ work in this medium differs radically from that of most earlier art forms. This paper provides an overview of artists’ work with telecommunications systems and gives a brief history of some significant events of the last 10 years. The creative development of the medium by artists is described, and an emergent new paradigm of interactive work is discussed in terms of cultural theories of communication.

An Electronic Arts Network for Australia

Wednesday, March 13th, 1991

Phillip Bannigan and Sue Harris

Australia is in the process of establishing its first electronic arts network. The technical and economic environment for creating an online network for artists and their advocacy bodies is favourable in that affordable public networks are widespread and most arts organisations own personal computers.

Phillip Bannigan and Sue Harris Leonardo, Vol. 24, No. 2, Connectivity: Art and Interactive Telecommunications (1991), p. 227