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DRAFT: Leonardo Education Forum Strategy summary on media art education

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Proposed by participants of the International Leonardo Education Forum and
Expert meetings at re:place 2007, Berlin, Mutamorphosis, Prague, ISEA2008, Singapore and ARS Electronica2008, Linz

Editors: Michael Century, Ernest Edmonds, Lynn Hughes, D

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aniela Reimann and
Nina Czegledy

This summary presents an initial framework for policy analysis and planning in media and new media education. It is based on Leonardo Education Forum (LEF) meetings held in 2007 and 2008 that called for a “framework for policy analysis and planning in (new) media art

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education intended for stakeholders in the field– practitioners, educators, researchers, theoreticians, historians, etc, as well as administers and policymakers”. The LEF call led to four international meetings of new media experts and educators: Mutamorphosis, (Nov. 8-10, 2007, Prague), re:place 2007 (the Second International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Nov, 14, 2007, Berlin), ISEA 2008 (the 15h International symposium on Electronic Art, July 27, 2008, Singapore) and ARS Electronica, Linz (Sep. 2008). These consultation meetings were structured around a number of focus issues with the aim of
Identifying key issues in the

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Establishing the principal areas of concern
Providing concrete recommendations

The Souillac Conferences, 1997-1998

Friday, March 7th, 1997

In 1997, representatives of art and industry gathered in the French town of Souillac for a conference on the topic of “Art, Industry and Innovation.” The result from this meeting was “The Souillac Charter for Art and Industry: A Framework for Collaboration.” In 1998 a second conference built on the efforts of the first gathering, resulting in “Souillac II: A Conference on Art, Industry & Innovation: Final Report.” Both documents have been published separately in Leonardo On-Line and in Leonardo; the full, combined report is presented here in its entirety.

An Electronic Arts Network for Australia

Wednesday, March 13th, 1991

Phillip Bannigan and Sue Harris

Australia is in the process of establishing its first electronic arts network. The technical and economic environment for creating an online network for artists and their advocacy bodies is favourable in that affordable public networks are widespread and most arts organisations own personal computers.

Phillip Bannigan and Sue Harris Leonardo, Vol. 24, No. 2, Connectivity: Art and Interactive Telecommunications (1991), p. 227