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Sunday, December 8th, 1996


PREMISE: Terminus= is a group committed to the investigation of theoretical, cultural and philosophical discourse with contemporary art practice.


Terminus= is an ambiguous reference to place suggesting an arrival at one's destination, as in a journey, a place at the end of the line as it were. But equally it can be a reference to the attaining of a goal or reaching a boundary.

“How does one articulate something like a new identity in a globalised art world when the tools of expression have become so blatantly internationalised?” Sue Best Real Time February 1997.

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia with a population of 1,800,000. Of these 1,400,000 live in the capital Perth. The tourist guide books describe it as the sunniest state capital in Australia and the most isolated capital city in the world. It seems paradoxical that at the time when new technology makes communication frontierless, that barriers between peoples seem to be evident around the globe. It is in the spirit of actively embracing the opening of new technological frontiers that Terminus= operates.

The group meets on a weekly basis both online and in realtime space. It is an art related reading group consisting of artists operating out of Perth, Western Australia. Online discussions from these weekly meetings are transcribed directly onto computer and are published on the internet monthly. Terminus= acknowledges the historical significance of the previous alternative arts group such as Praxis and Media-Space. Terminus= shares an interest in the possibilities of using discussion to explore aspects of their own practice as well as developing networks to critically evaluate work. This is then placed in the wider context of international forums, communicating with other groups and individuals in Australia and overseas.

Terminus= seeks to create a forum for critical buy cialis online without a prescription interrogations of issues that are filtered through this particular place. These observations are presented to artists here in Australia and elsewhere via Internet and printed matter.

Terminus= creates an archive for critical debate, without advocating any one particular methodology or art practice. We encourage collaboration between individuals and groups and seek to promote interdisciplinary practice between organisations and individuals, both here in Australia and elsewhere.

Artists were all working at Central TAFE in the department of art 1996-1998

Paul Thomas

Mark Cypher

Dave Carson

Barbara Bolt

Brian Mckay

Jeff Jones

Theo Koning

Alex Spremberg